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      • Student Trainee in Human Resources (f/m)

        10.01.2018 | Teilzeit/geringfügig | Wien

        We offer a responsible and challenging collaboration in a strong growing, global company with the possibility to further grow within the organization. The minimum salary for this

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      • Student Trainee (f/m) for Human Resources Department

        11.12.2017 | Teilzeit/geringfügig | Wien

        Constantia Flexibles Constantia Flexibles is one of the world's leading manufacturers of flexible packaging and labels. The group supplies its products to numerous multinational corporations...

      • ITFM Specialist (f/m)

        08.12.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        ITFM Specialist (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: Support and preparation of the operational IT budget and forecast planning, Allocate IT costs on relevant elements, departments and...

      • Marketing Trainee (f/m)

        06.12.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Marketing Trainee (f/m) (38,5h/week) Your duties & responsibilities: Assist the Pharma Marketing team in executing the annual marketing plan in operative tasks such as management of...

      • ITSM Specialist (f/m)

        04.12.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        ITSM Specialist (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: Controlling the service design, the transition, the service operations and the continuous improvement of the responsible services Which...

      • HR Business Partner (f/m)

        30.11.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        HR Business Partner (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: Drive the whole recruiting process in the Headquarter, Improve organizational recruiting efforts by developing long range recruiting...

      • Trainee (f/m)

        27.11.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Trainee (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: You organize events and meetings to support marketing campaigns, especially for intelligent packaging solutions, You contribute to creative...

      • Sustainability Expert (f/m)

        15.11.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Sustainability Expert (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: The sustainability expert ensures consistency for all information/data needed and provides support in all operational tasks of...

      • Trainee im Qualitätsmanagement (m/w) für 6 Monate

        06.11.2017 | Teilzeit/geringfügig | Wien

        Wir bieten: Eine verantwortungsvolle und herausfordernde Zusammenarbeit in einem stark wachsenden, global agierenden Konzern. Wenn Sie Teil eines internationalen, dynamischen und hochmotivierten Teams sein wollen...

      • Digital Innovation Specialist (f/m)

        30.10.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Digital Innovation Specialist (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: You analyze digital trends, build a pipeline and drive digital innovation in combination with packaging with a focus on...

      • Digital Innovation Specialist (f/m)

        15.09.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Digital Innovation Specialist (f/m) Duties & Responsibilities: You analyse digital trends, build a pipeline and drive digital innovation in combination with packaging with a focus on...

      • Value Creation Program PMO Manager

        04.09.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Value Creation Program PMO Manager Duties & Responsibilities: You: manage the day-to-day activities of the Project Management Office (PMO) actively establish connection points between...

      • Trainee R&D (f/m)

        19.06.2017 | Praktika, Teilzeit/geringfügig | Wien

        Trainee R&D (f/m) (20h/week) Duties & Responsibilities: Support the patent application process, Screen competitor patents, Work together with our product management and sales department...

      • HR Trainee (f/m)

        08.06.2017 | Teilzeit/geringfügig | Wien

        HR Trainee (f/m) (20h/week) Duties & Responsibilities: Support our new Learning Management System, Responsible for the organizational part of our Training Toolbox, Assist and drive...

      • Marketing Assistant (f/m)

        26.05.2017 | Vollzeit | Wien

        Marketing Assistant (f/m) Pharma division Tasks: Take over parts of the coordination of marketing projects, as guided by the Head of Marketing and/or the Marketing Managers, Drive the...