Senior Electro Magnectic Compatibility Engineer M/F

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      Senior Electro Magnectic Compatibility Engineer M/F

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      Date: 18-Nov-2017

      Location: Saint-Ouen, J, FR

      Company: Alstom

      The Railway industry today is characterized by both a strong and sustained growth across the world. The trends that drive this are well known: environmental challenges, population growth, urbanization and increasing demands for mobility.
      With 6BEUR of Sales and around 30,000 employees based in over 60 countries, Alstom develop & market the most complete range of systems, equipment and services offered today in the railway sector. Today we offer our customers solutions that feature a seamless blend of diverse technologies, ensuring optimal interfaces, along with flexible implementation and real synergy in innovation.

      Within Transverse Engineering, in the simulation & expertise team based in Saint-Ouen, we are looking for an EMC Engineer.

      The EMC Engineer will assure the full compliance with the Contract requirements in the EMC field on the Project for the scope of System & Infrastructure, i.e. system EMC engineering and power supply, various subsystems EMC engineering (such as : Power Supply, Aesthetic Power Supply, Fare Collection, Passenger Screen Doors, Road Signalling, Depot Equipment).

      Your mission:

      Tender Phases:

      Responsible for:

      • Analyse EMC requirements in request for proposals
      • Define a compliant EMC activities for Project phase
      • Identify technical/Project risks in EMC field and assess associated financial provisions and/or propose design mitigations
      • Estimate costs for EMC activities in Project phase
      • Participate to Architecture Reviews

      Projects Phases:

      Accountable for:

      • Support designers in implementing EMC rules
      • Support Quality team in verifying the proper implementation of EMC rules
      • Support Design Leaders in specifying to Suppliers the EMC type testing requirements, and in checking FAT conformity
      • Support the project engineering manager with the EMC expertise
      • Support the project manager with documents control & cost control
      • Support interfaces/RAMS engineers to ensure that EMC constraints/risks have duly been specified/logged (resp.).

      Responsible for:

      • Implement the relevant processes, methods and tools.
      • Carry over the EMC experience from previous experiences
      • Apply the EMC relevant standards
      • Define & conduct on-site testing by coordinating with tests and commissioning and operation management teams
      • Manage EMC subcontractors (consultants, laboratories) by selecting them, specify the job, supervising their work, controlling invoices, etc.
      • Produce EMC submittals, i.e. :

      For the system EMC engineering :

      • EMC Management Plan

      • EMC guidelines for design & installation

      • EMC site survey plan

      • EMC site survey report

      • Intersystem EMC analysis

      • Integrated EMC tests plan

      • Integrated EMC tests report

      • EMC Installation checking

      • EMC Deviation matrix

      • EMC overall summary report

      For the infrastructure subsystems EMC engineering :

      • EMC control Plans

      • Intrasystem EMC analyses

      • EMC type tests conformity synthesis

      • Participate to Design Reviews
      • Identify and resolve/coordinate the EMC interfaces.
      • Work with the Consortium Partners/Subsystems EMC Engineers and/or with Third Parties Representatives to kill the potential risks.
      • Review the subsystems EMC submittals for compliance with the system-level EMC strategy
      • Assure the respect of the submittal schedule
      • Solve technical open issues, from investigation to modification implementation and problem closure.

      QCD and Reporting:

      Responsible for:Perform reporting at project level to project egineering manager and, at metier level (EMC Manager)

      Your profile:

      • Degree in Engineering
      • Expert in EMC field (10 years)
      • Experienced in railway systems (3/5 years)
      • EMC management of project (strategy, planning, budget..)
      • Sources of electromagnetic disturbances and electromagnetic phenomena.
      • EMC design rules
      • EMC railway standards
      • EMC generic standards (61000-6-2, 61000-6-4, 61000-4-x)
      • EMC testing (Test procedures / Test instrumentation / Practice of testing in laboratory).
      • Use Seasoned Judgement
      • Use Technical and Industry Experience
      • Knowledge of engineering procedures
      • Knowledge on Power supply systems ( low voltage and mid voltage POW systems)
      • Fluent in English
      • French would be appreciated
      • Spanish is a plus
      • Coordination and communication skills
      • Foster Open Dialogue and Listens
      • Manage Conflicts of Ideas
      • Act as a Team Player

      Why Work for Us? At Alstom we offer you the opportunity to unleash your potential and reinvent yourself. As a future employee, you will have a unique opportunity to drive our organization forward, while continuing to build your career and contribute to the expanding growth of the global railway industry.

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      Job Type: Experienced

      Job Segment: Supply, Operations

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