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      English Native Coaches


      Our client is a company focused on education of the English language by taking care of children in the afternoon or evening. We are looking for English Native Coaches to play with the child, go to an English cinema, go to the zoo, simply do all activities inside and outside but only use the English language in order for the kid to actively and passively learn English.

      As a Native Coach you spend your time with a child in the afternoon / evening or on the weekend. By spending time together and using only the target language the child will learn the language in a completely stress-free and natural way. We do only offer one to one service - one coach - one child, no groups or classes (except siblings).

      What we expect from you:

      To take care of one child (no groups) at a time in the afternoon / evening / weekend, spend time with him / her, do whatever you and the child / the parents want to do but only use your native English language.

      • pick up the child from home / kindergarden / school
      • entertain the child, play some indoor and outdoor games
      • visit some public places like museum, zoo, cinema (English), parks, etc.
      • perform everyday activities like riding public transport, do some small shopping, buy ice cream, go swimming or engage in other sports activities
      • visit other places of interest
      • do / help with homework (as far as possible with English only)
      • more activities can be added in coordination with the parents
      • deliver the child at his/her home


      In order to guarantee a successful, longterm relationship our client has some requirements:

      • English Native Speaker, either born or grown up in an English speaking country
      • Reliable, honest and never had any conflicts with the law
      • Ideally experience and enjoy working with children, can understand them and able to build up a relationship quickly
      • Willing to participate in further education and training (like first aid course, pedagogical course, etc.)
      • You live in Vienna, Linz or Salzburg (City)
      • If required: You have a working permit which allows you to be employed in Austria?
      • You are available on one or more afternoons per week.
      • capable to take responsibility for the child safety
      • patient - especially in the beginning it will be hard to start without using German language at all
      • active mobile phone contract including internet access to use our communication network for appointments, coordination, time tracking

      what our client offers:

      • a stress free activity - use your native tongue and teach the language to a child
      • knowledge of *German language is NOT required*
      • Flexible Time Investment (on afternoons only)
      • Long Term Relationship preferred
      • Interesting activity and rich in variety
      • We simply require you to use what you have if you were born in an English speaking country: your language!
      • fair and reliable payment, starting from 11,00 EUR per hour depending on your experience
      • freelance contract
      • social events for our coaches to exchange ideas and share best practice

      Working time is project based. Per child we calculate an average of 3-4 hours per week. If you have more time available and you are successful we can always add more projects. We also run a database of potential native coaches in order to match future projects - so it will pay off sooner or later if you contact us without any obligation!

      Please only submit an application if your mother´s tounge is ENGLISH and you are grown up in an English speaking country. Our clients policy does not allow to work with almost native, near native, as good as native, etc.