Master Thesis: Physical and Chemical Characterisation of Printable Functional Material for Semiconductor Applications

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      Master Thesis: Physical and Chemical Characterisation of Printable Functional Material for Semiconductor Applications

      At a glance

      The subject of this master thesis is the development of printing processes (inkjet printing, stencil or screen printing) and its integration into the workflow of semiconductor manufacturing. This is an interdisciplinary field with the core subjects chemistry, physics and material science. The aim of the project is to investigate and characterize new functional materials (conductors, dielectrics, sensors,…), which can be applied by industrial printing processes in order to apply them in the semiconductor industry.

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      Thesis support

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      Full time


      Job description

      In your new role you will:

      • Developing printing processes for new materials with highly specific properties
      • Usage of modern industrial and research printing equipment
      • Conversion of printed structures via chemical and physical
        into stable end form
      • Evaluation and optimization of all relevant process parameters (DoE)
      • Physical and chemical characterization of process results
      • Usage of modern chemical and physical analysis tools
      • Working in an interdisciplinary and international team

      Start: 01.09.2018 (8-10 months)
      Working time: full-time (38.5 hours/week)

      This position is subject to the collective agreement for workers and employees in the electrical and electronics industry. The salary for this position is 1.825,00 gross p.m.(full-time basis).


      You are best equipped for this task if you are a student of Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences, Microsystems Technology, Nanotechnology or similar. The applicant has to have experience handling chemicals and working independently in the laboratory (handling of devices used for chemical-physical processes, handling of measuring devices, planning, execution and evaluation of experiments).

      Furthermore the applicant should have the following personal attributes:

      • able to work independently and proactively
      • able to communicate with colleagues in and outside the production line
      • team player
      • personal integrity
      • openness for Infineon values
      • willingness to travel within Europe

      You should have good knowledge of English. Knowledge of German is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary.

      Please attach the following documents to your application:

      • Your CV
      • Your motivation letter
      • Certificate of matriculation at a university
      • Latest study transcript
      • Bachelor Certificate
      • Final Matura certificate

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