Advisor Medical Sciences (m/f)

      Medicus AI Gmbh

      Wien, Burgenland, Kärnten, Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich, Salzburg, Steiermark, Tirol, Vorarlberg - vor 1 Jahr

      You want to be part of the future of healthcare? You believe in the potential of latest tech and AI tools in healthcare? You'd love to leverage your medical knowledge and experience within a fast-growing and international health tech company? You want your work and contribution to reach tens of millions of people? Then you're exactly who we're looking for to join our dynamic and talented team in Germany, either full-time or part-time as an external advisor!

      Medicus is an AI-based platform that explains and interprets medical reports and health data, turning numbers into meaningful insights. Medicus works with healthcare companies to deliver smart features & insights to both doctors - in terms of smart testing & diagnosis support - and to patients in the form of visual & interactive reports, powering continuous healthcare & coaching across all digital platforms. Medicus is based in Vienna with offices in Berlin, Dubai, Paris & Beirut.

      Advisor Medical Sciences (m/f)

      Your Responsibilities

      • Support our scientists with the development of any features and products related to medical diagnostics solutions and to your medical specialty

      • Help to identify, interpret and break-down the relevant medical guidelines and accepted knowledge (e.g. regarding disease prevention, diet, activity, and hygiene)

      • Extensively test, medically proof-read and validate the rules and content our scientists are generating

      • Support in the design, conduction and analysis of clinical trials of our solutions

      • Actively contribute to the design, conduction and analysis of research projects that investigate human health trends, diseases and methods of preventive care

      • Preferably, also be actively involved in writing original papers for publication in peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals

      Your Profile

      • You have a medical / professional background in the field of clinical pathology and/ or you have a license to practice medicine with a finished residency program in the field of general medicine and/ or internal medicine.

      • You have gathered significant working experience within your field of specialty in Germany

      • You apply critical thinking by using strong logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of available solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems

      • You embrace challenges joyfully, and approach them with a solution-oriented mind-set

      • You always stay up to date with clinical and professional developments and advances in the scientific/medical field by reading relevant scientific/medical literature and journals

      • You enjoy working in teams, to proactively network and forge links with collaborators

      • Preferably, you're well experienced with diagnostic tests and a diagnostic laboratory's general workflow (that's a plus)

      • Your English as well as German is fluent (and the fluency in an additional language is a plus)

      What we offer

      • You get to leverage your profound experience in a way that it can affect millions of people

      • You'll be part of an international, fast-growing and forward-thinking health tech company that aims to modernize the way we think about health

      • You get the freedom to execute your own ideas from the first day on. We do not only accept but expect your contribution to the bigger picture

      • You work with an international team with many years of experience building companies and products with great user experience

      • You'll get an attractive compensation package, and the freedom to work remotely, with a flexible time commitment

      Please send your English application (CV, cover letter, relevant references) to Vanessa Kretschmann to