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      BADAS – Bond Aventure Discovery

      Wien - vor 2 Monaten

      BADAS Trip Logistics Coordinator Vienna

      BADAS overview:

      BADAS offers half-day hour to 3 week-Immersive Adventure Travel Treasure Hunts starting with a series of three half-day adventure travel treasure hunts in and around Vienna, Austria. Each treasure hunt is integrated into the BADAS game. Through immersive and interactive adventure travel treasure hunts, venturers (participants) aged 12+ experience emotionally, mentally and physically deeply engaging, stimulating and challenging adventures on which they discover the most beautiful destinations around the globe. Participants score points that they can use on other treasure hunts for clues and other advantages, such as discounts on further purchases. Venturers become part of the BADAS global community. Venturers on BADAS trips are connected to the magic in everything: in the natural environment and in the places and cultures they visit the places.

      Venturers will connect with themselves and others, will form deep and lasting bonds with other participants and build personal collective pride for their accomplishments.

      BADAS will offer both adventures for private individuals and as teambuilding activities for organizations with focus on corporations.

      BADAS Trip Logistics Coordinator Vienna

      The BADAS Trip Logistics coordinator is an essential Logistics and Coordination role supporting Facilitators and Game Leads of BADAs Adventure Travel Treasure hunts in with logistical support, coordinating drops of resources, food and drink, preparations of Treasure Hunt elements, and the transport and care of Mountain Bikes. The Trip Logisitcs coordinator is responsible for transport of Gear, Mountain Bikes, has a valid Class B Driver's License and is able to drive a 3.5 Ton Transporter Truck comfortably.

      The BADAS Trip Logistics coordinator is hands-one, extremely organized, punctual individual that can maintain overview of complex itineraries and is physically able to load, unload gear, resources and mountain bikes. He is responsible for ensuring that transport and all resources are kept safely stored and protected during transport. The BADAS Trip Logistics Coordinator is responsible for Emergency Transports (For example transporting venturers to the hospital if their family member was transported to the hospital through an ambulance). required.


      Experiene with driving a 3.5 Ton Truck, or Transporter Vehicle

      Valid Class B Driver's License

      Experience in coordinating and executing tight itineraries

      Ability to work in a fast paced, on the clock environment

      Ideally Background in Recreation and/or Tourism

      Preferably Experiene with Using, maintaining and storing Mountain Bikes as well as Mountain Bike Parts

      The BADAS Trip Logistics Coordinator is an extremely reliable, dependable, motivated, enthusiastic, fun and inspired individual with strong Coordination, Driving and Time Management Skillset.

      BADAS Trip Logistics Coordinators are required to adopt the BADAS Pillars as BADAS staff.

      BADAS Company Pillars


      Accountability and Responsibility




      The Best

      Limitless Business

      Recognition & Celebration

      Authenticity, Vulnerability & Honesty





      Customer Service



      Assisting in Trip Preparations

      Briefing with Trip coordinator, Facilitators and Game Leads, as well as partners where relevant

      Trip Preparation, gear and resource pick up and delivery

      Ensuring that all gear and resources are intact, free of damage and ready to be used by venturers

      Promotion and Representation

      Embody and represent BADAS brand in all interactions with BADAS staff, venturers, partners and everyone else the Game Lead comes into contact with

      Represent BADAS values and brand cornerstones in all interactions

      Customer Service on Trip - Prepare and give venturers information on BADAS, the BADAS Game, and direct venturers to information where relevant


      Driving of Transporter Van or 3.5 Transporter Truck in and around Vienna

      All day Driving, Pick Up and Delivery of resources and gear

      Safe Storage of Gear, Resources, and Mountain Bikes in Transporter Van

      Parking of Truck

      Training in BADAS Facilitation is provided.

      Contract: This is an occasional position without collective agreement for 2019 with possibility of part time employment from April 2020 - end of October 2020.

      Pay: 200 / weekend Saturday: 10 hours - ca. 07:00am - 7pm

      Sunday: 9.5 hours - ca. 07:30am - 6pm

      Dates: 26.20.2019 and 27.10.2019

      With opportunity for seasonal part time employment in 2020 from April to the end of October every weekend.

      Please send us any material that shows us that you are the ideal fit for this position as well as copies of your certifications / licenses to

      Position is open until suitable candidate is found.