Individual Contractor for Facility Management


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Individual Contractor for Facility Management


All our work shall be driven by commitment and excellence

About Us

The International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) is an intergovernmental organization with aglobal constituency as well as an institution of post-secondary education recognized in line within the (EUs) Bologna1 process, headquartered in Laxenburg/Vienna. We are a pioneering institution that aims to overcome shortcomings in knowledge and practice in the field of anti-corruption and compliance, functioning as a centre of excellence in education, training, networking, and cooperation, as well as academic research. For detailed information on IACA please visit our website at

IACA is committed to the principles of equal opportunities, non-discrimination, gender balance, and geographical distribution, and upholds its Guiding Principles. We seek to attract the best qualified and most dedicated workforce meeting the highest standards of professional ability, personal integrity, and social competence, and offer fair and competitive international employment terms and conditions.

Vacant Post

The position is full-time, 40 hours per week.

Duration of contract

IACA offers a temporary contract for a duration of four months. Upon consent by both sides, this temporary contract may be renewed for another term(s).


The agreed fee per day (8 hours) worked is from 96.00 EUR gross (incl. taxes and charges), payable by IACA.


If you have related work experience, meet the requirements outlined on the following pages, adhere to our goals and Guiding Principles, and would like to work in a dynamic, multicultural environment, please send a concise CV and cover letter to, clearly stating the Vacancy Notice number in the subject line, no later than 20 December 2020 (UTC+1). Please include your contact details as well as the names and contact details of three references.

IACAs selection is final and not subject to review.

Description - Individual Contractor for Facility Management


We are currently recruiting an individual contractor for facility management on premises of the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA). The applicant should be able to work independently and efficiently, demonstrate initiative and commitment, and preferably have experience in facility management. He/she should be proficient in German language and have a good command of English language.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Property management, such as arranging repair/maintenance/replacements, inspections, and safety and security arrangements,
  • he/she takes over small repair works at the Academy himself/herself,
  • he/she is responsible for courier services, on spot purchases for IACAs facilities, and short-notice needs, etc.,
  • he/she is responsible for logistical arrangements of IACAs duty vehicle, with driving duties,he/she maintains an up-to-date inventory system of all facility assets,
  • he/she provides technical and logistical support for the coordination and organization of events,
  • he/she occasionally works on other tasks given by his/her superiors, not related to his/her contract, but where his/her work experience and skills are an asset and/or the immediate shortage of personnel capabilities require it
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